Department Of Arts Bylaws

If there is disagreement over the reasonable interpretation of any pertinent rule therein, this disagreement must be resolved democratically before any business affected by this rule may be conducted.

No faculty member may serve on two elected committees simultaneously. Members for these committees shall be nominated by the dean consulting with the current Executive Committee. No administrator or department chair may serve on the committee. The DUP serves as chair of the Curriculum Committee. Terms of department of arts bylaws.

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The Chair of the Technology Committee shall be appointed by the Director. Before the process begins, the Dean will ask the incumbent head whether he or she wishes to serve another term. Program, consulting the Admissions Committee on doubtful cases. AAC document the first time a new topic is offered.

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Appointment shall be made as soon as possible during the fall semester. Faculty members may submit agenda items either to the Dean or to the Executive Committee of the College Senate. The President shall be Chair of the Prudential Committee. Notices may be written or electronic.

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